Deserts Chang – Significant Others

This is what I’m talking about.

For the past three years, since I forced myself into the world of Cmusic when my Cmusic expert went *poof* on me, I began noticing names — be it songwriters, composers… or music video directors. I fell in love with Chen Ying Zhi’s (陳映之) visuals. In fact, his video for Elva Hsiao’s Let Love Fly (The Ice Version) landed on our #3 list of Music Video Highlights of 2010 [1] with little deliberation.

This time around Chen Ying Zhi gets together with Deserts Chang for the song Significant Others (兩者) — yes, another NEW single from her latest album Games We Play following Rose-colored You (玫瑰色的你) [MV] and Threat (危險的,是) [MV] — written by her (with her real name) and composed by Sodagreen’s songwriter, composer and main vocalist Wu Tsing-Fong (吳青峯), who appears in the music video as Narcissus alongside Taiwanese actress Janine Chang (張鈞甯).

Make out from the video what you may. ;P

Tagging this quite LGBT-themed.


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  1. ghost says:

    I wonder if her album will make it to my Top10… how’s your album intake?

    • amy says:

      @ghost, last time I counted, I had about 75 albums listened… which is about 1/4 of what the Golden Melody Awards committee reviews, and it’s still early in the year, so I’m quite satisfied.

      My movie watching is horrendous, though. hahaha

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