Eddie Lövholm Eriksson – Brev Från Stängda Rum (EP)

Release date: March 17th, 2011
Label: Record Union


  1. Det kan verka så enkelt, det kan verka så svårt
  2. Jag kommer aldrig hit igen
  3. Jag vet

Sweden is exploding with singer/songwriters that are taking more and more place in the Swedish music industry. With platforms such as Spotify, many more artists are taking the leap into recording and sharing their music. Eddie Lövholm Eriksson is one of those artists.

Now, I don’t know so much about him and his previous works but this little EP is one hell of a gem. Mixing folklore, a little bit of country and great lyrics, I really enjoy it. It has some influences from Lars Winnerbäck and there you can never go wrong. Lars is all kinds of kick-ass!

This is a very stable EP, the three songs go well together and the feeling is all together a little mellow and relaxing. The kind of songs you want to listen to while the leaves are falling.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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