Top 10 Favorite Friends “Food” Moments

I have a confession to make: I still watch Friends reruns to this day when I can.

While some episodes age better with time and others don’t, the show’s popularity and legacy are unquestionable. That said, there have been lots of funny and enjoyable moments during its 10 seasons thanks to Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe. By the way, some of my favorite Friends moments happen to be food-related.

When it comes to the “Friends and food” connection, it’s easy to assume that Monica and Joey would be heavily associated with them for obvious reasons — for those who don’t remember Friends all that well or didn’t care much for it, Joey’s the hungriest of the group and Monica’s a chef who used to be fat when she was younger — yet the show involved the entire cast in their food-related moments.

Are you ready to check out which Friends food-related moments I came up with?


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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    I have a confession to make too: I love that chandler’s confession to monica actually tops the post.

    In a way, they both have OCDs (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders) of some sort:

    Monica’s — to expect the hell out of those who care about her
    Chandler’s — to give the heck of what he has for the one he loves

    And that’s what makes them a match made in heaven. ;>

    • Rodrigo says:

      @Adrienne Lew, I’m late to reply to this, but I love how you observe Chandler and Monica in the way they’re compatible. Flashbacks established Monica being the one who liked Chandler, but the way Friends did backstories and flashbacks varied according to time, lol.

      Still miles ahead of Ross and Rachel as a couple, and they weren’t drama-free. TV shows try to mold their couples a la R&R.

  2. amy says:

    Who doesn’t watch Friends’ reruns??? xD

    Hahaha! I usually roll my eyes with Joey now, but I agree with him. Don’t order a garden salad and then eat my fries xD

    I also agree with Ross, you don’t take other people’s sandwiches LOL

    But yeah, great list. Top 2 are perfect. Can’t argue with them. I wonder how I would react to Rachel’s meat dessert xD

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, I used to love Joey when the show was on the air. Later on, he was hit or miss for me (the worst was pairing him and Rachel), but nowhere near as hard to watch like Ross during the second half of the show. Joey is good on these food-related scenes due to his persona, though.

      I almost put Rachel’s dessert as #3, but after rewatching that scene and the Cheesecake parts, #2 was important considering how everyone reacted to it.

  3. Adrienne Lew says:

    To me, R&R vs. M&C represent two particular forms of love that could develop between the two sexes:

    a. The love that Ross has for Rachel is what I’d term as the “I love her FOR THE FACT THAT …” form. It’s mainly about her physical beauty, her personal taste level for all things beautiful, and so on.

    And that’s probably why it has been such a bumpy and rocky and winding road for them throughout the seasons. After all, it takes a lot of emotional and psychological adjustments on the part of Ross (and less so, but also true of Rachel towards Ross) to be able to continue loving his love after getting disillusioned.

    b. The kind of love that exists between C&M, however, is the “I love him/her IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT …” form.

    It is no secret that Monica is super high-maintenance and competitive; so does everyone knows and takes Chandler as a super ultra insecure and vulnerable guy. But in C&M’s eyes, somehow they see something beautiful and precious beyond the surface: C sees M’s rigor as the cure to his insecurity; M thinks of C’s “take all you can from me” attitude towards love to be so rare to come by. C is vulnerable not because he is born so … not just because he has been tortured by Janis before … but mainly becoz he is ready to give all his heart to the woman he finds comfort in.

    Hope I am not getting too analytic with this comment. :P

    • Rodrigo says:

      @Adrienne Lew, Ross and Rachel started on different positions, but both arrived to the pilot with scars from previous experiences and relationships. Ross started out as the guy who divorces his first wife after finding out she is a lesbian who got pregnant from him. Rachel was the girl who avoided a marriage out of fear of being tied to someone forever. Going to their past, young Ross crushed on young Rachel, but there was no way Rachel would acknowledge him in high school. On the pilot, now as adults and changed, both get a clean start. Ross and Rachel’s start was really good because of how they started.And it kept going up and down for all kind of reasons. Both (characters and actors) had their strengths and weaknesses, but David Crane (I’m mostly crediting him based on how Episodes and Joey went) managed to keep them going for 10 years.

      Other tv shows try to replicate R&R, but they mostly fail because they aim for the drama and romance aspects. There’s more to R&R than that.

      Lol, me talking a lot about R&R instead of C&M. And we’re not mentioning food that much.

      Interesting enough, Ross and Monica (brothers) had crushes on the persons they would eventually marry. Monica’s backstory might vary because of how the writing team chose to write their past in ways that sometimes defied logic (I can find some examples about this later).

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