Deserts Chang – Rose-colored You

Deserts Chang, also known as Deserts Xuan or Zhang Xuan (張懸), is a Taiwanese musician who’s been active since the late 90s. Though she’s signed to Sony (apparently, still), Deserts is largely considered part of an alternative “mainstream”, often being labeled as “indie” by people, due to her sound. I think that is similar to Joanna Wang’s situation — who, I believe, is also signed to Sony Taiwan. So, there you go.

Deserts has just released her fourth album, titled Games We Play (神的遊戲), which contains this song, titled Rose-colored You (玫瑰色的你), composed by Deserts herself — under her real name, Chiao An-p’u (焦安溥) — and the music video was directed by Lo Ging-Zim (羅景壬).

You can get Deserts’ Games We Play on iTunes. I have access to it, so people shouldn’t have region issues getting it.

Of course, you can give the album a full listen on Xiami.

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  1. October 11, 2013

    […] NEW single from her latest album Games We Play following Rose-colored You (玫瑰色的你) [MV] and Threat (危險的,是) [MV] — written by her (with her real name) and composed by […]

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