Back Again: Interview With Galaxy Express

How do you think the shift in your creative process compares to the chaos and excitement of recording Wild Days?

Heekwon: We had a lot more time to do all the different things we wanted to try.  Because of this we did whatever we wanted to. I think this makes the album a lot more diverse.  And the recording sounds a lot more professional too.  Walking on Empty is a more grown up version of Galaxy Express.

You got to work with Adrian Hall on this one, what was that experience like? Did you learn a lot from him?

Jonghyun: It was a really good experience.  We had a great time in the studio with Adrian.  He’s a real professional.

Juhyun: He was really easy to work with us and treated us great.  We liked him a lot.

With new music out again, do you have any tour plans to promote the album? Any stops in the U.S. planned in the future?

Jonghyun: We’re in the middle of a cross-country Korean tour right now and are having a blast.  We’d love to do some overseas touring behind Walking on Empty but don’t have any set plans yet.  We toured in the U.S. in 2011, 2012, and 2013 and loved all of our visits.  We really want to come back if we can.


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