Back Again: Interview With Galaxy Express

What can fans expect from your 24 “Galaxy Days” concerts at Strange Fruit?
Juhyun: They can expect to experience everything about Galaxy Express!  With so many shows, we’ve got lots of opportunities to show off all the different sides of our music and our band.  I think all of the nights are going to be a blast.  If any readers happen to be in Seoul in January, please come check one or more of the gigs out!  We’re all going to have a great time together!
Thanks for taking some time to talk with us again, any last words for our readers?

Juhyun: Thanks for reading about Galaxy Express.  Please check out our latest album, “Walking on Empty.”  We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.  We hope we can see you somewhere in the world soon.  Rock ‘n’ roll!

Galaxy Days

Galaxy Express can be found at Strange Fruit, Seoul January 5, 2016 – January 31st.

You can follow Galaxy Express on Twitter & Facebook

Their album, Walking on Empty, can be found on iTunes.


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