Amy’s 2011 Music Highlights

5. Andrea Echeverri – DOS

I don’t care if Andrea Echeverri is a hippie. I don’t care if she doesn’t think of herself as a hippie. Her second album DOS is one of the most unique of the year. Not only with singles like Yo, on whose lyrics I’ve commented [1], but also tracks like Toy Contento where she states, “Today everything seems to be prettier, today the nightingale sings happier, I feel the song of the little creek, and I feel the sun shines brighter” — everything is happy and fun.

Listen to the album on Xiami. Get the album as a CD or as MP3s on Amazon.

Then she goes on a scarily happy tangent (like Marit Larsen) in her song Que me Parta un Rayo (May Lightning Strike Me), which I’m going to translate in its entirety:

Para los niños amor, arrullos, besos y juguetes,
y toda la bendición del mundo, de flores, ramilletes.
Y toda la perdición, repudio, lejos de mi gente.
Que el sexo y la violencia no toquen tu inocencia,
precioso niño angelito, no te toquen ni un pelito.

Que me parta un rayo si a un niño hago daño,
que mi alma arda en el infierno si lastimo un ser tan tierno.

Para la mujer, respeto, conciencia, fuerza y valentía,
y un grito de protección criatura generadora* de vida.
Y en ceremonia de fuego, juntas, las vanidades quememos.

Que el sexo y la violencia no toquen nuestra inocencia,
preciosa madre mujer, que no se atrevan a ensuciar nuestra piel

Que lo parta un rayo si a una mujer hace daño,
que su alma arda en el infierno, si no respeta mi sexo.

Que mis manos y mi cabeza estén limpias, llenas de tibieza
para criar al adulto amoroso y profundo que salvara a este mundo.
Que no repitan los errores, que sean conscientes y mejores
que vivan en paz y armonía, que tengan buena energía


Que un castigo divino se le atraviese en el camino
si en un niño o en una hembra
semillas de agresión usted siembra.

Que lo parta un rayo…
los niños ni p’al trabajo, ni pa’la guerra,
y las mujeres, sacerdotisas de la madre tierra.

Que lo parta un rayo…
amas de casa, hadas del nido,
seres mágicos y divinos que cocinan el futuro.

Que lo parta un rayo…
defensoras del amor puro, de lo blando, no lo duro,
abonando sus retoños, entre lujos o en escombros
superando todo escollo, protegiendo sus cachorros.
Que lo parta un rayo…


For children love, lullabies, kisses and toys,
and all the blessings in the world, flowers and bouquets.
and all the perdition,  repudiation, away from my people.
That sex and violence don’t touch your innocence,
precious little angel, don’t let them brush you with a feather.

May lightning strike me if I hurt a child,
let my soul burn in hell if I ever harm a being so tender.

For women respect, conscience, strength and braveness,
a scream of protection life-giving creature.
And in a bonfire ceremony, together, we will burn vanities.
That sex and violence don’t touch our innocence,
precious womanly mother, don’t let them tarnish our skin.

May lightning strike’m if they hurt a woman,
let their sould burn in hell if they don’t respect my sex.

Let my hands and head be clear, filled with warmth
to bring up a thoughtful and loving adult that will save this world.
Don’t let them make the same mistakes, let them be conscious and better,
Let them live in harmony and peace, let them have good vibes.

Let divine punishment cross them
if they plant seeds of aggression in a child or a woman.

May lightning strike’m…
Children neither for work nor for war,
and women, priestesses  of mother earth.

May lightning strike’m…
housewives, fairies, magical beings
and divine that cook up the future.

May lightning strike’m…
Defender of pure love, of the soft not the hard,
nurturing your little ones, between luxury or rubble
overcome any obstacle, protecting your cubs.
May lightning strike’m…


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  1. ghost says:

    I still can’t believe Salyu’s album didn’t make your list. And I thought you’d have at least one Hong Kong/Taiwan album in your list, but all your spots are taken by Mainland singers.

    Also how do you feel Oh Land? Her discography isn’t like the ones you mention… this is supposed to be her 2nd album, so maybe she has more-than-one-album staying power.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, like I say. At the moment, I love Oh Land’s album to put on while working. But then again, that’s exactly what happened to me with The Ting Tings, and I mean it like the WHOLE album not just That’s Not my Name. I thought they were the shit, and now I barely listen to the album.

      Same with Lily Allen. I thought that was the funniest album ever, now I barely listen to it. I have fond memories of it.

      I have a lot of “debut albums” in my collection and they stay as lone albums because I just don’t like the other albums.

      About Salyu, I liked about half the album – but then again, I was really hyped for it. I can’t wait to get the Live concert DVD though – it looks amazing. And she also has a new album coming out – both around my birthday, so I hope the Yen settles at a better price by then.

  2. Nayeli says:

    2 cellos remind me of Apocalyptica, their music videos may not be that good, but I love them. I believe is a little bit more extreme since they also do symphonic metal.

  1. April 13, 2014

    […] music. It blew my mind right off the bat. It became one of my favorite albums of the year [1], and her song Drunk became my favorite of the year […]

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