Amy’s 2011 Music Highlights

2. Bjork – Biophilia

I love Bjork’s music. I don’t particularly think she surpassed her work from Medulla, but I think Biophilia ranks in my top three Bjork studio albums. And I have a feeling the album might be even more amazing live, so I hope she brings Biophilia here too, though I doubt it will ever happen.

Listen to the album on Xiami. Get the album as a CD or as MP3s on Amazon.

Part 2 of the Biophilia Live Set is here.

1. Adele – Live at The Royal Albert Hall

I may actually be cheating with my pick because Live at The Royal Albert Hall isn’t an album. It’s a concert disc that happens to come with a CD with the music from the concert. But I just love it.

The album really comes full circle once you reach Make You Feel My Love, which Adele had been dedicating to Amy Winehouse since her passing, asking the audience to take their phones and cameras out in place of lighters [1]. It was beautiful in music and visuals, despite our discussion about cameras at concerts. Then she went into Someone like You [1] and began to tear up. It was too much.

I was a really big fan of Adele’s 19, and I felt 21 was really good but lacked that little something from her debut. Well, the material from both albums, plus Adele’s handling of the performance and her crazy comments — which reminded me a lot of this French & Saunders bit [1] — make this my favorite “album” of 2011. Her voice is perfection live. Even in songs that I felt were only okay on the album, they just take on this whole different dimension in this live recording.

Listen to the album on Xiami. Get the concert on Blu-ray or DVD.

So what do you think? What was your favorite music of 2011?


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  1. ghost says:

    I still can’t believe Salyu’s album didn’t make your list. And I thought you’d have at least one Hong Kong/Taiwan album in your list, but all your spots are taken by Mainland singers.

    Also how do you feel Oh Land? Her discography isn’t like the ones you mention… this is supposed to be her 2nd album, so maybe she has more-than-one-album staying power.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, like I say. At the moment, I love Oh Land’s album to put on while working. But then again, that’s exactly what happened to me with The Ting Tings, and I mean it like the WHOLE album not just That’s Not my Name. I thought they were the shit, and now I barely listen to the album.

      Same with Lily Allen. I thought that was the funniest album ever, now I barely listen to it. I have fond memories of it.

      I have a lot of “debut albums” in my collection and they stay as lone albums because I just don’t like the other albums.

      About Salyu, I liked about half the album – but then again, I was really hyped for it. I can’t wait to get the Live concert DVD though – it looks amazing. And she also has a new album coming out – both around my birthday, so I hope the Yen settles at a better price by then.

  2. Nayeli says:

    2 cellos remind me of Apocalyptica, their music videos may not be that good, but I love them. I believe is a little bit more extreme since they also do symphonic metal.

  1. April 13, 2014

    […] music. It blew my mind right off the bat. It became one of my favorite albums of the year [1], and her song Drunk became my favorite of the year […]

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