Music Mondays: The Most Important Video On The Internetz!


So one of my favorite producers today, Sir Tall Black Guy (yeah, that’s his Twitter handle, and…?), has released his first full-length album, 8 Miles To Moenart, and MAN! was he being generous. Not only did he give away a free limited vinyl pressing to a fan, his work is also available on his Bandcamp. It’s a work of sheer epicness that I simply adore! Check it out here!

MTV Iggy has provided me some of the most incredible music lately. This is no exception. A K U A’s song Gravity is just so splendidly gorgeous I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it [MV]. The MTV affiliate also introduced us to some great indie music coming from Spain in this article about music from the country. Read it here.

Long-time collaborator and friend of the late J Dilla, Madlib, has released some new music. The song, The Rock Konducta 45, is the first single ahead of the release of his album Yessir Whatever. Listen to it here.

Brian McKnight is back with new music and took some time to perform some of his new music at BB King’s.

What can I say? The man is forever smooth and I don’t even care, I’ll always love him regardless of what he sings. Because… I mean… THAT VOICE!

And then, of course, I’m always a fan of the deliciously psychadelic. Under The Radar Magazine shared a video with us by band Jagwar Ma. It’s just… it’s tons of fun. Check out the video and more information on the band’s release here.

Björk has been taking a video diary of her Biophilia tour. The first installment is from her stop in San Francisco! Why is she so much fun?!

Lupe Fiasco released his latest album after talk of a hiatus late last year. The album, titled Animal Pharm, is Lupe at his best. Of course, whenever he releases anything you’re getting the best of him, so there’s nothing unexpected there. Stream it here!

Lee Hyori released her single for Bad Girls and YAM Magazine’s own Amy posted it here for us. But just in case you missed it…

She also released her latest album, Monochrome. You can read Amy’s review of it here.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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