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Welcome to another post contribution to this year’s YAMYUM Food Blogathon!

Amy and I were going to talk about what types of food would be worth saving, but one thing led to another, as conversations with her go, and we ended up talking about some basic history of some foods, movie food ideas, the ways of eating, and food memories.

Ghost: Are you all set?
Amy: All set. I didn’t think I could get through Osen in the time that I did, but I shouldn’t doubt Yu-chan’s ability to entertain me.
Ghost: First, you should give an overview of where this idea came from, so our readers know.
Amy: I think people should know about the Would You Rather game… it’s choosing between one or another option, right? In this food edition, we are choosing which food — in the case of its extinction — to save. Like in Osen. ;P
Ghost: Both of us have done noodle movies, so the question at hand is… in the case Udon [Udon] noodles and Ramen [Tampopo] noodles had the chance to disappear, which one would you save?

Amy: I can’t! I LOVE noodles! It’s impossible to choose, no?
Ghost: You have to, that’s the game.

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3 Responses

  1. Chinese sausage > hot dog.

    • amy says:

      @Diandra Rodriguez, I can’t really argue with that unless we’re talking about a Frankfurters or something. xD Or maybe chorizo. Or salchicha huachana. xD But yeah, hot dog is probably at the bottom of the list of sausages.

  2. ghost says:

    I am game for Chinese sausage and rice. Or BBQ Pork and rice.

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