2012 – #YAMYUM Food Blogathon

Hello, YAMmies!

This is it! We’re at it again. This time around we’re celebrating our second favorite thing in the world: FOOD! So the YAM Magazine team is super excited to announce the upcoming 2012 YAMYUM Food Blogathon!

We even have a special tag for food-related entertainment~ and we’re looking forward to filling it up with content… so we’ve made these beautiful banners for you to use and splatter all over the web to promote the event.

The event begins on September 3rd (Monday), 2012 and will last until September 5th (Wednesday), — so you have PLENTY of time to prepare — and you will be able to talk about any movie, any TV show, any book, or even music or music video (!!!) that’s related to food. This means reviews, Top10 lists, spotlights on a subject, etc. are all allowed as long as there’s a food element involved.

Meat-lovers, vegetarians — all of you are welcomed to talk about your Top10 Favorite Dishes Featured on Top Chef. Or maybe you’re in the mood to make a ranking of the Best Cooking Books Released in 2011, Top10 Most Crazy Iron Chef Recipes. The entertainment world is your oyster, and the possibilities are endless.

So we invite you to explore with us, salivate with the thought of delicious food, and blog. Blog ’til you drop. We only have THREE days to gorge ourselves in the gloriousness of food.

Join us!

Day 1: September 3rd

Day 2: September 4th

Day 3: September 5th

11 Responses

  1. Elwood Jones says:

    Really looking forward to this one, especially seeing how it’s an genre of cinema not generally focused on. Be interesting to see what folks come up with for this one :)

    • amy says:

      @Elwood Jones, hi! At the moment people are working on their posts, so I’m hoping we have a good turn up (at least from the bloggers on the site xD) – I want to see how many people can bend the topic enough.

      I’m just having it easier to find Asian stuff focus on food… so some contrast posts should come up…

      Looking forward to yours…

  2. ghost says:

    I’m all full with all these food.

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