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We have a terrible Glee bias. We love musicals, we love over-the-top humor, and we love sappy moments, so we love Glee. We have described the show as the love-child result of a wild night between the cult loser show Freaks & Geeks, The WB’s canceled-too-soon Popular, and High School Musical on LSD. Who’s the father? We don’t know.

However, one thing is certain. With the uncertainty of FOX renewing the show for a second season – which did happen, by the way… we’ve got Glee at least until season 3 – the heads on the Glee production had to wrap things up neatly when the first 13 episodes were aired. The result? An uneven nine back episodes.

This is obviously a personal opinion, but creator Ryan Murphy seems to make his supporting characters a lot more memorable. Starting with the big baddie with the heart two-sizes too small, Sue Sylvester, and really clueless Brittany, who often gets stand-out one-liners. Of course, we love Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, who makes us teary at the drop of a dime whenever he shares scenes with his father, surprisingly well-played by Mike O’Malley.

We also feel for Quinn, who despite all the “this is your baby, Finn” business seems to have captured our sympathy… somehow. It must be Dianna Agron’s talent to make her nice when we should really hate her. But overall, we love everyone… except for Finn and Mr. Schue, despite all their good intentions.

In the end, Glee‘s got a lot going for a whole bunch of people… moms, dads, losers, closeted losers, musical lovers, there’s something for each. Let’s just hope that next season is a lot more consistent, and doesn’t get lost in the middle of everything. This season, however, feels like a fresh counter to all those medical, forensic and crime shows out there.

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 

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  1. julili says:

    I really need to watch this from beginning to end and not sporadically as I have been doing now

    • amy says:

      @julili, I dunno about watching religiously – it does get a little frustrating especially on the second season. BUT, it does have some great moments.

  2. Rodrigo says:

    Finn is the character I hate the most (still do).

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, I really dislike him too… him and Mr. Schue xD Especially Mr. Schue without a storyline with Emma and Terri. I didn’t know I would say this, but I miss crazy Terri. LOL

      • Rodrigo says:

        @amy, I don’t really hate Mr. Schue (he isn’t anywhere near as bland as Finn and can sing well sometimes), but he’s going to end up having a relationship with Emma somehow.

        Finn is very generic, boring and a shitty singer. Not exactly someone Glee should have as their lead actor.

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