Hollywood Adventures Final Trailer with English Subtitles

Oh yeah, this looks like Entourage (oh, yeah~ I couldn’t escape the Entourage trailer at my multiplex) meets Chinese action comedy masala. The only thing it’s missing, really, is a musical number… which I’m suppose I’m getting once they hit the club. There’s a rhino horn (I’m sensing a tut-tut teaching moment), buck loads of money, explosions… and you get the full list of the rest of the American actors-

Besides Missi Pyle, which I noted in my first post on the movie, there’s also Sung Kang (Fast & The Furious is so huge there), Kat Dennings, Simon Helberg (because The Big Bang Theory is pretty big in China too), Robert Patrick, and Stephen Tobolowsky (Sandy! [1]). I have a feeling he’s never ever been highlighted in a movie trailer before.


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  1. July 21, 2015

    […] Hollywood Adventure didn’t give much out, other than “wacky things happen,” by the final trailer I described it as “Entourage meets Chinese action comedy masala,” and it delivers that […]