Uttama Villain Trailer

If I’m not mistaken Uttama Villain (Virtuous Villain) was schedule for release some time in late 2014 (alongside Vishwaroopam 2, which also got delayed), so I had been deprived of a Kamal Hassan new release for nearly a whole year.

I don’t know what’s going on with this trailer (the lack of subtitles doesn’t help either), but I’m so gonna watch it. Apparently, the movie directed by Ramesh Aravind, was co-written by Crazy Mohan (who did dialogues for Eega (!!)) and Hassan himself as a comedy of an 8th century drama actor and a 21st cinema superstar. Plus, the music sounds brilliant.

I don’t see a release date yet, but I’ve been told that it goes in between the releases of Vishwarropam 2 and I [Trailer], which just released. So~ fingers crossed!


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