Frank Turner – The Next Storm

As a person who pays attention to both professional wrestling and MMA, CM Punk (real life name: Phil Brooks) happens to be one of my main subjects of interest. While the former WWE wrestler has yet to make his debut on UFC, let alone even announce his official debut date, he has recently made an appearance in the music video for Frank Turner’s latest single The Next Storm.

In the music video, it’s Turner versus Punk in the squared circle. Yep, CM Punk makes an earlier than expected return to the ring… through a music video. LOL.

If you like Frank Turner, enjoy the song. If you hate Frank, simply enjoy watching him getting his ass kicked by Punk. If you like Punk, feel good about him appearing in a music video. If you hate Punk, then you can wait until he makes his UFC debut and hope for him to get his ass kicked to the point that he retires and fade away. I don’t mind Punk, but I can’t deny that he’s a polarizing figure nowadays for all the right and wrong reasons.

As far as Turner is concerned, The Next Storm is the second single for his upcoming sixth studio album Positive Songs For Negative People, which will be released in stores on August 07, 2015.


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