Su Yunying – Ming Ming

‘Tis song of the f*cking year!

And it’s not even supposed to be a 2016 song! How the F are you messing things up, Sony? Why is this song marked as released sometime in December 2015, with the album published on December 29th, 2015 [1] as per your website and iTunes publishing date, and why didn’t we know about this?

Why was the first teaser for this song published just 4 days ago, three months after the fact. I did not miss any single promo. WHY!?

Anyway~ the ever quirky Wild Child [1], who broke through China’s Sing my Song (中国好歌曲) early last year has been riding a popularity wave~ I didn’t know she was signed to Sony Taiwan, though I’ve seen her doing the rounds with Waa and LaLa. Her debut full-length is titled –officially– Ming Ming (冥明), with the first character meaning “dark” (in this context) and the second meaning “bright;” both meaning “obvious” or “obviously.”

— Sorry, I got it wrong. It doesn’t have a straight translation, so it’s more like “darkness & light” at the moment —

This first song of the album is also titled the same; it was written by Su Yunying (苏运莹 or traditional 蘇運瑩), who also works under the English name Sue Su (苏苏) xD, apparently under the watching eye/ear of music composer Chen Chien-Chi (陳建騏), who’s made music for films like Candy Rain and Ai Love. The sweeping music video that just fills you up with energy was directed by Chihpo Wang (王志伯).

The album, which I am listening to at the moment, is just the best thing. It’s also available on Spotify for all you streamers, maybe on Xiami, and KKBOX.



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  1. Rhys Ludlow says:

    Exactly how I feel. A star is born! I have not been so excited about an artist in quite a while. And often I am late to the party. I was excited that I found this days after posting only to find out its been lanqishing. Guess Sony is too busy suing Radionomy to focus on music.

    • amy says:

      thank you for the comment! Sorry for the late reply, but I was away on a holiday :D The album gets better with each listen <3 love it to bits.

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