Sa Dingding – Swallows MV

Sa Dingding’s Butterfly Dream (庄周梦蝶集) ended up being my favorite album of 2015, due to whack distribution circumstances, but not like this one had any better promotion. It was released on November last year, it’s still not available on iTunes worldwide (though you can stream here, apparently), and this is the first music video I’ve seen of it. xD

Seriously, guys, I don’t get Chinese music distribution AT ALL. However, I did learn of the album on time of release, which is more than I can say of Su Yunying’s Ming Ming.

ANYWAY~ The video is for the first single, Swallows (梦燕春回), which was the first song of the album to make it online. I wasn’t a big fan of it straight away, but it does remind me of the time Laure Shang released La Muse de la Nuit [MV]- REMEMBER THAT? The music video is spec minimalist and has Sa Dingding doing her signature poses to the direction of Yang Xin Rui (杨昕叡), but my character-reading could be wrong.

The song was written and composed by both Sa Dingding alongside Karsh Kale, who also produced it.


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  1. hey, i’ve been trying to find the english translations of this album, especially “So I Have Heard”, you wouldn’t happen to know would you?

    • amy says:

      I don’t think there’s any English translations of Sa Dingding songs on the net, and my Chinese skills usually stop at “this Google translation doesn’t make sense.” xD Sorry.

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