Lima Film Festival 2012

The Lima Film Festival is at it again, celebrating Latin American films with the 16th edition of the event, set to start on August 3rd and run through August 11th in Lima, Peru.

This year’s edition includes the showcasing of over 100 feature films, which programming director Edgar Saba promised would be making their debut in the region, alongside the films officially selected to compete in the fiction and documentary fields with the ever-present Latin American variety that usually clouts such an event.

During the cinematic week, Limeños will be able to participate in academic activities such as a Roundtable on Contemporary Mexican Documentary Films, a master class on Cinematographic Editing by Valentina Leduc, and a Conference on International Standards of Post-Production.

Though this year’s edition doesn’t have a specific honored guest — like last year’s edition, which featured Geraldine Chaplin [1] — the festival will be paying tribute to Chilean director Raúl Ruiz — who worked with John Malkovich, Catherine Denueve, Isabelle Huppert (who was the honored guest of the festival back in 2009 [1]) — and Peruvian cinematographer Jorge Vignatii (Danzantes de Tijeras).

The activities will be rounded out with an Olivier Assayas Retrospective (Irma Vep, Demonlover, Clean, Summer Hours), a selection of 11 Latin American films for their Other Side of the Shore section, their Around the World in 8 Days section — which will present films like Cuba’s zombie movie Juan de los Muertos, Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love, Luc Besson’s The Lady, Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation, Mike Leigh’s Another Year, and Rodrigo Garcia’s Albert Nobbs — a Showcase of Contemporary Mexican Documentaries, and the ever-present Critic’s Week at Cannes.

Official Fiction Selection


The Student (El Estudiante) – 2011
Back to Stay (Abrir Puertas y Ventanas) – 2011
White Elephant (Elefante Blanco) – 2012


Heleno – 2011
Found Memories (Historias que So Existem quando Lembradas) – 2011
I’d Receive The Worst News From Your Beautiful Lips (Eu Receberia as Piores Notícias dos seus Lindos Lábios) – 2011


Violeta Went To Heaven (Violeta Se Fue a los Cielos) – 2011
The Year of the Tiger (El Año del Tigre) – 2011
Young and Wild (Joven y Alocada) – 2012


The Towrope (La Sirga) – 2012
La Playa DC – 2012


Pescador – 2011


La Cebra – 2011
Post Tenebras Lux – 2012


Cuchillos en el Cielo – 2011
Casadentro – 2012
Chicama – 2012
Cielo Oscuro – 2012


The Delay (La Demora) – 2011

Official Documentary Selection


Normal School (Escuela Normal) – 2012

Argentina / France / Brazil

Confesiones – 2011


The Last Cangaceiros (Os Últimos Cangaceiros) – 2011
A Long Journey (Uma Longa Viagem) – 2011

Canada / Chile

El Huaso – 2012


Hija – 2011


Neonato – 2011


Con mi Corazón en Yambo – 2011


Drought (Cuates de Australia) – 2011
Palabras Mágicas – 2012


Cuéntame de Bia – 2012


Unfinished Spaces – 2011

You can follow and learn more about this year’s Lima Film Festival on their website at, as well as following them on Facebook and Twitter @festivaldecined

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