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Second Mother (Brazilian Film), The

The stress-free existence of a live-in housekeeper at an upscale Sao Paulo family home, who hasn’t seen her daughter in ten years, gets thrown into chaos when her kid tells her she’s coming to the city.


Like Father, Like Son (2013)

The Nonomiya family lived a normal life. However, they are dealt with a huge blow when the hospital tells them about an accident regarding their 6-year-old-son Keita.


Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux is a semi-autobiographical film by Carlos Reygadas that was made purposely to baffle us, being presented as a sort of a bizarre dream.


White Elephant (2012)

Elefante Blanco follows priests Julián, Nicolás and social worker Luciana work hard to provide help and social assistance in Villa Virgen, whose inhabitants are ignored by the government and currently engaged in an ongoing drug war.


Heleno (2011)

José Henrique Fonseca’s film deals with Heleno de Freitas’ troublesome personality and downfall in the late 40s.


Lima Film Festival 2012

The Lima Film Festival is at it again, celebrating Latin American films with the 16th edition of the event, set to start on August 3rd and run through August 11th in Lima, Peru.


Jean Gentil

Jean Remy Gentil is a French teacher from Haiti who loses his job, and sets off to Santo Domingo to find anything to be able to make ends meet.