Unmasking the Legends – Interview with YB

What music have you been enjoying lately, in Korea, or from other countries?

Do-Hyun: Guckkasten, Jang Ki-ha, Foo Fighters, Jack White, The Doors. Doors is my idol, until I die.

Scott: I like my friends bands in Hongdae, I like the Cribs. Specials. . .

Do-Hyun: Yesterday we went to Cribs. Only he! *Points at Scott*

Scott: Yeah, only I got in.

Do-Hyun: Only he got in!

Scott: Yeah, I didn’t care about anyone else.

Do-Hyun: We and our staff had been waiting outside for a long time, oh my god, getting cold.

Scott: I’m happy about it.

Do-Hyun: And YB like The Hives too.

Scott: Yeah, yeah. A whole bunch of that stuff. You know there’s always going to be a classic rock band. You know I like punk, UK Punk. And that kind of stuff, new wave.

Do-Hyun: I like Beware of Darkness. Maybe you don’t know, right? (to me) They’re cool. Really cool.

Scott: They played Southby last year, and you saw them (to Do-Hyun)

Do-Hyun: They appeared on David Letterman show. You can check later.

Do you have any last words to our YAM Readers:

Scott: Just thanks. Thanks for supporting us and checking us out. And keep looking for us, we’ll see everybody soon. Like us on facebook!

Do-Hyun: Like us on facebook: facebook, facebook, facebook! Instagram, twitter…

Scott: It’s weird, rock bands have to be come their own secretaries and be like “I ate a donut!” Instagram, check it out! It’s like really hard.

Do-Hyun: Our main is facebook, we just started right now, for our overseas fans. All English stuff, so like us on facebook. So I’m gonna make some like us on facebook! *sings facebook, then laughs* Cheesy….

— ‘

I’d like to thank Scott and Do-Hyun for making time to speak with us, it really meant a lot to be able to meet them and have a chance to pick their brains.

And you CAN like YB on facebook, in preparation for their efforts to enter the Western market YB opened up a new English version of their facebook page. You can follow their adventures here. They’re also now officially uploading to Instagram & their official website had an English version as well.

Stay tuned to all of these links as well as YAM for some big news about YB in the next week or two.



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