J Rabbit – It’s Spring

Release Date: March 8, 2011
Label: Mirrorball Music


  1. 요즘 너 말야 (Album Edit) (These Days You’re) [MV]
  2. Love Is So Amazing [MV]
  3. aMorejo [MV]
  4. 힘든가요 (Go Hard) [MV]
  5. Fallin In Love [MV]
  6. 내일을 묻는다 (Album Edit) (Ask Tomorrow) [MV]
  7. My Favorite Things [MV]
  8. Part of Your World [MV]
  9. Thank You For The Music [MV]
  10. 요즘 너 말야 (Piano Version) (These Days, You’re)

I found J Rabbit relatively recently through their YouTube channel they share with their college friends. I had just finished going through all the videos when a couple of weeks later they announced the release of their first full-length album.  J Rabbit is made up of J Dawoon and J Hyesung. The group uses a delightful variety of acoustic sounds from various instruments. They mix it up with piano, guitar, chimes, a little sand shaker to keep beat, and other various interesting instruments. I swear I hear a xylophone in there on Go Hard.

The album opens up with the simple guitar and vocal of These Days You Are that gives you a great idea of what you’re in store for. Love is So Amazing is a plucky and fun tune that reminds me of old Saturday morning cartoons I watched as a kid. aMorejo is the acoustic version of the groups first single and it’s a beautiful song with a simple melody that will absolutely end up stuck in your head. I will admit I didn’t care to read the track listing so when I got down to Part of Your World while listening, I was completely surprised and laughed heartily out loud (at work). J Rabbit’s Part of Your World is indeed a cover of the original Disney song. I smiled and sang along happily to their lovely happy version of this song.

I had a huge grin on my face the entire time I listened to this album. It’s such simple, happy music. The recordings aren’t perfect, you can hear giggling and bits of conversation throughout, but I think that is what gives this album it’s organic and unique flavor. They might sing Thank You For The Music, but I say, no girls, Thank YOU.

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

Preview it and buy on Soribada |  Like it? Buy it on YesAsia


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  1. ersby says:

    I spent yesterday evening watching videos on friendz.net’s YouTube channel after you posted up a video for LeeSa. They’ve got a lot a good stuff there. This band are great, and the fun they have in the studio really comes through.

    • Jenna says:

      @ersby, It’s an easy channel to get sucked into on YouTube. Are J Rabbit your favorites? I’m waiting for my favorite Yana to come out with something. I find her personality delightful and charming and her videos are adorable!

      • ersby says:

        @Jenna, Yana’s great. They all are. When I saw that there was a new video up this morning, I did a tiny “yahoo!” in my head.

  2. yam magazine says:

    O_O There’s no preview in Xiami. T=T
    is there another way to buy the album other than YesAsia? Like… digital?

  3. amy says:

    Their cover of Part of your World… it’s like – Ariel was korean all along xD Amazing. Then they laugh at the “losing of the voice” bit which you would only laugh if you were a Little Mermaid fan xD

    I burnt a copy of the album for my friend’s bday~

  4. Mitch A says:

    Saw them the first time in a concert program in KBS World on Phil cable tv a few days ago. They’re music is so relaxing and catchy that I had to find out about their music (the other Korean music I like is from Humming Urban Stereo–I wonder where the band is now).
    Anyway, I wish J Rabbit included in this album ‘Love Songs,’ which I saw on YouTube. :)

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