Thrashing Into Austin – Interview with Victim Mentality

All the band members have really great stage names – have you nicknamed anything else of yours?

Those aren’t stage names or nicknames. They are our real names! And no, we haven’t given names to anything else of ours.

Do you have any dream venues or festivals around the world that you would love to play?

I think SXSW is the best festival, but since we’re a heavy metal band I really want to go to Wacken Open Air in Germany someday.

What is your definition of “success” as a musician?

To make lots and lots of money. Money is everything.

Lastly – and most importantly, who has the best hair??

What? You can’t ask us about something like this! This is a very serious and sensitive matter and has the potential to cause great disharmony amongst the members of Victim Mentality. So, sorry … no comment!

Victim Mentality have two shows this year during their stay in Austin:

Wednesday, March 16th at the Belmont with K-Pop Night Out at 8pm

Saturday, March 19th at Maggie Maes’ Gibson Room with V-Rox at 12am.

If you’re in Austin – be sure to check these guys out, it’ll definitely be a show you’re sure not to forget!

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