Lamb of God – Resolution

Release date: January 24, 2012
Label: Epic, Roadrunner


  1. Straight for the Sun
  2. Desolation
  3. Ghost Walking [MV]
  4. Guilty
  5. The Undertow
  6. The Number Six
  7. Barbarosa
  8. Invictus
  9. Cheated
  10. Insurrection
  11. Terminally Unique
  12. To The End
  13. Visitation
  14. King Me (feat. Amanda Munton)

Lamb of God’s seventh album Resolution starts slowly through current USA Presidential candidate [1, 2] Randy Blythe’s screaming vocals on Straight for the Sun. However, the album quickly spins into rage-driven riffs with relentless intensity without missing a beat on many of the album’s songs such as DesolationGhost Walking, Guilty and The Undertow.

Resolution is a well-crafted raw-sounding album with pretty good production value that allows the band to explore different song structures and feel creative. For instance, The Number Six allows all the band members to shine and Randy Blythe’s voice sounds gritty. Instrumental song Barbarosa breaks up the fast pace briefly and has the Pantera influence attached to it, sounding brilliant and haunting at the same time.

King Me, the album’s closing track, effectively intertwines the band’s groove metal style with orchestra melodies and opera singer Amanda Munton on the background vocals — the end result being a apocalyptic-esque song highlighting Lamb of God’s skills strongly.

The only problem Resolution faces might be the fact that a few songs might sound a bit repetitive. However, the musicianship from this band as well as the aggresiveness makes Resolution worth a listen.

Best tracks: The Number Six and King Me.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. amy says:

    Lamb of God is going to be playing Taiwan on Feb16 with ChthoniC. xD

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