Thrashing Into Austin – Interview with Victim Mentality

When I heard that Victim Mentality was returning to South By Southwest again this year, I knew I had to get in touch with them and get another interview. By far, Victim Mentality had the most outlandish and bizarrely entertaining showcase of the year. With light-sabers, hairspray and metal – things can get pretty interesting.

I got together with Krocodile – the enigmatic front man of Victim Mentality for a few questions before their time here in Austin.


First things first – let’s do a quick rapid-fire section to get some of these pesky typical “Korean industry questions” out of the way! Just answer with the first thing you think of!
K-Pop? Sex!

Kimchi? Fuck!

Soju? I hate it!

Korean rock? Boring!

Hallyu Wave? Disgusting!

Cool! Now, on to the nitty gritty:

Hi guys! We’re so excited that you’re coming back to SXSW! Last year was an amazing experience watching you play! What was your favorite part of the festival last year?

The meat! The beef we ate in Texas was fantastic. Seriously, American beef is so awesome. Please let me live in the US!

What did you think about Austin?

Shiner beer was really delicious. I’m considering importing Shiner to Korea. I want to live in Austin because of how good the beer and beef were.

Was there anything you wanted to do during SXSW last year that you didn’t accomplish?

Have sex! But hopefully I will have lots during the festival this year.

You’ve experienced a bit of a line-up change, how is everyone settling in?

Everyone has settled in great and Victim Mentality sounds awesome. We’re like family now.


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