Coexistence – Flow


Release date: November, 2011
Label: Unsigned


  1. Carrion Comfort
  2. Web of Oppression
  3. Twisted Soul
  4. Flow
  5. Rose to Wither
  6. Lord of War
  7. Unspoken
  8. Seize the Day
  9. Layarteb
  10. Akira

The newly released album Flow by the French/Swedish heavy metal band Coexistence is, in all, a good rock album. They successfully fuse Metallica-style guitar riffs with melodious parts — which give rise to an interesting type of metal and makes the band seem like it’s been around for ages.

The band explains on their website that Flow is meant to be “a love letter to the metal genre”, possibly meaning that this is their way of giving something back to their source of inspiration. It is not hard to hear this source in their music, well-known heavy metal bands like Dream Theatre or Symphony X.

The loss of variety regarding the tracks is something that often decreases the quality of heavy metal albums. Flow, on the other hand, is a good mixture between hard guitar riffs, solos and ballads. However, it was kind of strange to hear the romantic, almost cheesy, guitar in the song Rose to Wither. To me, the album’s best song is Akira.

To summarize Flow, I would have to say that it’s a really well made heavy metal album and I am looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Visit the bands official website as well as their Facebook

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with lead singer Carl Lindquist!

By Peter Andersson

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