Top30 Film Discoveries of 2019

10. Pillow Talk

I wasn’t the biggest Doris Day fan, I think I’ve only since another one of her films. However, I really REALLY had a lot of fun watching her chemistry with Rock Hudson here. They were hilarious.

9. I Fine..Thank You..Love You (ไอฟาย..แต๊งกิ้ว..เลิฟยู้)

Sunny, I can’t pronounce your last name, the love of my life. xD

8. The Saddest Music in the World

A depressed worldly bunch get together in 1930s Winnipeg for a music contest held by a baroness with glass legs, who wants to listen to the saddest song ever produced coz issues.

7. Animal Kingdom

Why have a nemesis when your family is your worst enemy?

6. Amar Akbar Anthony

I honestly started out watching Amar Akbar Anthony like an skeptic who rolls her eyes with all this telenovela money and death drama of parents’ identities, blindness, and lost brothers, but by the end of it all I had the hugest stupid grin while singing “Amar… Akbar….. AND-TONY” xD Totally sucker for it.

5. Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios

Obvious bonus points for Joan Crawford. The world does not appreciate Crawford like she deserves. Also, never drink gazpacho that you didn’t see being prepared.

4. The World According to Garp

I admittedly went on a Glenn Close (and sorta Robin Williams) film journey because I really thought she had a big chance on winning Best Actress.

3. Blind Woman’s Curse (怪談昇り竜)

2. The Teacher’s Diary (คิดถึงวิทยา)

Feelings were had. Thais are not only killing it in the long-form commercials, they’re also killing it in the rom-com department.

The Teacher’s Diary was also available on MUBI, especially since they started activities in South East Asia.

1. Summer Days with Coo (河童のクゥと夏休み)

A Kappa son asks his Kappa father whether dragons exist. Only Japan. After an iffy altercation with a samurai trying to hide his shady dealings, this Kappa kid is left a dried orphan, only to be discovered and rehydrated in modern day Japan.

Summer Days with Coo is still available for streaming on Netflix, and Bluray + DVD R1 bundle will be available on January 21st (!!!). A previous DVD R2 seems to be also available, but it’s R2, so~ BLESS GKIDS.

So that’s it. These were some of my favorite brand old new-to-me films watched in 2019. Here is to a more productive 2020! More movies, more discoveries and brand new talent!


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  1. Glad to see The Saddest Music in the World and Blind Woman’s Curse here! Already put some others here on my to-watch list

  1. January 11, 2020

    […] Compared to 2018, I logged 480 films (though over 50 or even many more could be short films), which represents a 23% increase. In terms of hours, there was an increment of over 100hrs or 16%. This increase still doesn’t match my 2015 levels, when I reached 530 logged films (9.5% short) or clocked 959hrs (14% short)… but it’s getting there. I am still at 2017 New-To-Me level of movies, though. […]

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