Music Mondays: The Return of Mimi, Pamyu Pamyu, Jenna Andrews Sex Tape, and More!


Wednesday opened with an outrageously awesome video from David Bowie. His MV for The Next Day is getting soooo much attention. And it’s not surprising, as Bowie portrays the Messiah himself and enlists the help of long-time friend Gary Oldman and actress Marian Cotillard to bring us something both disturbing and hauntingly beautiful.

Then there’s the fun MV for the Pharell-produced single Lolita by singer Leah LaBelle [MV]. Along with this sugary-pop song and video, Chance The Rapper introduced fellow rapper Vic Mensa to his Twitter followers. The video for Did It B4 is just as badass as the song itself. What can I say? I’m a sucker for slight of tongue hip-hop that’s equal parts intelligent and ridiculous. This video and song most definitely fit the bill.

Speaking of intelligent and ridiculous hip-hop, Mac Miller released the cover art for his upcoming album!!! Oh yeah, it’s most definitely a bit… ahem…

Then we have soul singer Lyfe Jennings returning on the scene after what seems like a decade of silence with his latest single Boomerang [1].

Hypnotic Asia did an interview with Korean-American artist David Kim (also known as Dabit!). His YouTube video of his cover of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours has garnered him a good bit of attention, and for good reason. He’s beyond adorable and his voice is just so incredible. He talks about his time at Berklee College of Music, his biggest musical influences, and his time as a trainee, something I’m sure a great deal of our Kpop fanatics will just eat up. But his most interesting revelation is how he’d wait til his family left the house to sing to himself… on the phone’s voice recorder:

I think the spark of interest started in the 5th grade?  When no one was home I would climb onto the counter and use the home phone to record my singing on the voice recorder.  But, coming from an academic family I never had the courage to speak up and take action for my dream until my senior year in highschool [sic].

Read the rest of the interview here.



As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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