Music Mondays: The Return of Mimi, Pamyu Pamyu, Jenna Andrews Sex Tape, and More!

Well hello there, dreamers and lovies! This week’s music scene was HOPPING. Everything was in play, from hip-hop to nu-disco to Kpop, there was a little something for everybody. There was also some not so great news, but let’s not waste all our time on intros. Here’s the news that happened this week.


Let’s get the most brutal news out of the way first, shall we. Just this past Sunday Lauryn Hill released her latest piece of music, Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix). And today she’s found herself serving a 3-month stint in jail and three extra months of house arrest! According to AP reports, Hill’s lawyer said the legend has already paid $970,000 of a recorded $1M in back taxes to the IRS. This is what Ms. Hill had to say on the subject:

I needed to be able to earn so I could pay my taxes, without compromising the health and welfare of my children, and I was being denied that.

Paste Magazine broke the story earlier, but you can read more about the case and the history leading up to it here.

In the meantime, Mariah Carey released the audio for her latest single with Grammy-nominated R&B vocalist Miguel, titled Beautiful.

Paste Magazine was kind enough to let us in on who was going to be performing at this year’s Austin City Limits, and the lineup, let me tell you, is enough to make music fans wet their pants. It includes a diverse roster of artists including The Cure, D’Angelo, Toro y Moi, and The Joy Formidable. Beyond that there are obviously going to be some local favorites out to show the veteran performers they’ve got just as much class as anyone taking the stage. You can find out more information at Paste Magazine’s website.

Speaking of festivals, XXL Magazine gave away tickets to see the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Black Hippy, and much more at the Downtown Festival in New York [1]. Taking place on the 10th and 11th, the annual festival features some of the most ridiculous artists in hip-hop, rappers with the warped mind and sense of humor of the Odd Future crew.

For all the old heads out there, we’ve got fan video of Tom Waits performing with the Rolling Stones [1]. How rock can you get… seriously? Speaking of great performances, The Stepkids’ Jazz Cover Band did their rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie. It’s basically the version that’ll make me actually like the song, something that I couldn’t remotely do when I first heard it.

Talib Kweli discusses the photobook for his latest release, Prisoner of Consciousness [1]. I will always, always, ALWAYS love listening to this man talk about ANYTHING.

MTV Iggy did an exclusive interview with nu-disco group Classixx. In it we get to hear some of their awesome tunes and get a little insight on what makes the group tick.

Monday also seemed to be a good day for great new music and videos. The moody and blue video for LIFE & LIMB’s Fool’s Nest [MV], smooth R&B crooner Jaheim [1], the clip for the Master Hunter from Laura Marling [MV], Queens of the Stone Age returning with their MV for I Appear Missing [MV], and Montreal-based electropop band Young Galaxy’s video for Pretty Boy [MV]. But by far and away the most impressive and talked about video, even around here at YAM Magazine headquarters, was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s latest MV for song Invader, Invader. I’d, of course, be a fool NOT to share the craziness with you, even if it is a bit too cutesy for me.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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