Music Mondays: The Return of Mimi, Pamyu Pamyu, Jenna Andrews Sex Tape, and More!


Tuesday continues the trend of great videos for the week. First up, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their music video for Mosquito. It’s actually rather freaky: a sort of, like, mecha-mosquito sucking on someone’s blood and growing fatter with each gulp. Yeah… couldn’t watch this all the way through without my skin trying to leap off my body. See for yourself:

Then we have the talented British hip-hopper Ty with the first single from his album Kick Snare & an Idea, titled Let’s Go [MV]. It’s golden-era hip-hop at its finest, simple and unfettered by anything too outlandish. It lets the music speak for itself. How can you not love something like that?

There were also a few performances that made Tuesday extra fantastic, starting with crooner James Blake and his performance on the David Letterman Show, where he gave the audience a thrill with his lush vocals and stylistic approach to music with song Retrograde. People were a little less than enthused with David’s seeming disregard for James at the end, instead opting to shake his hand and then go on about one of the instruments that a member of Blake’s brilliant outfit of musicians played — something he’d never seen before. But that doesn’t take away from how incredibly perfect James’s performance was.

Then, oh then, there’s the always perfect and amazing Bobby McFerrin. He visits the Wall Street Journal with his insane vocal stylings and gives everyone a bit of a thrill [1]. I pretty much adore everything about this man from his vibe, his calm demeanor, and, of course, that voice of his and all the things it can do. He’s a lost treasure in this day and age of computerized vocals… his entire vocal range acting as its own band. Just… he is EVERYTHING!

Along with all the performances that actually went down on Tuesday, there was news about future performances from some incredible artists. Goapele, one of my favorite singers, announced her string of performances that will take place in San Francisco [1], Mac Miller announced his Space Migration Tour, which will also include Chance The Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, and Action Bronson among others who’ll join the hip-hop badass on his tour [1]. But among all the performances, there’s one that just did NOT go down. Billboard revealed that Led Zeppelin refused to get back together for Bill Clinton’s benefit concert for those affected by Superstorm Sandy [1]. Just… wooooow. Talk about sticking to your guns there, guys.

Then there’s just a few bits of news that sorta make me happy. Number one being ABBA opening a museum in Sweden! It’s not exactly unexpected or weird, but… I mean… ABBA [1]! Then the second piece of news that brought a smile to my face, don’t ask me why, JB and Usher are being sued for… SONG THEFT! Just… just read… [1]. Brit band Blur are going to start recording another album [1]! And the gods of Brit-rock unite to bring us something awesome!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Tuesday without a slew of house releases and new singles. First up, Thundercat, long-time friend and collaborator of Flying Lotus, releases Oh Sheit It’s X [1], house group Inc. releases track Careful [1], Chrisette Michelle announces the release of her next album (June 11) with a tracklist [1]. But the biggest release was Talib Kweli’s latest album Prisoner of Consciousness [1]. And man, was I ever excited to hear this man’s brilliance! As a gift to fans and a bit of hilarious promotion, he responded to some of Steve Martin’s tweets. Beyond awesome!


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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