Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2016

2. Zeb Bangash – Haminasto

I’ve been listening to this song for almost the whole year [1], and there’s no way for me to get tired of it.

If there is paradise on this earth somewhere,
Here it is, here it is.
Inhabited by my life, my soul and my heart,
This is the place, here it is.

via Bollymeaning

1. Su Yunying (苏运莹) – Ming Ming (冥明)

In theory~~~ if Sony Taiwan actually did release Ming Ming in the last days of 2016, Ming Ming (the song) should be technically a 2015 release. BUT! I’m making an exception because promotions for this album started this year.

This is the second year Su Yunying tops my list (she’s dethroned Faye on my list, LOL), and I just love how her music makes me feel like soaring. I’ve been listening to it (and the whole album) all year on repeat and haven’t gotten tired of it.

Cheat playlist (almost complete) also available on YouTube and Xiami (not so complete).

So~~~ how did you like it? What were your favorite songs this 2016?


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