Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2016

20. Shahid Mallya – Hass Nache Le

19. Marit Larsen – Joni Was Right [1]

No embeddabled media TT

18. Arijit Singh – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil [MV]

Fun fact! I (finally) saw a Karan Johar movie at the theater~~~ Managed to go on Monday, and the movie is staying -at least- one more week with most of its shows (though none close to me). And while Channa Mereya [LV] has made it to the depth of my soul (I may or may have not teared up during that scene at the theater, though there was someone ugly-crying, so I don’t feel bad); Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has just that bit of UMPH!

Also, I really really loved that they translated that verse in the song as “qué sería la vida sin ti” (what would life be without you), which is so very latino. I had read the lyrics in English, but the Spanish translation made me think of yesteryear latino songs. We don’t get those very often now, and when we do it’s because they’re covers xD

I’m gonna check if I can get the official Spanish translation from the distributor :P

17. Kent – Andromeda

We were chaos, grown up
Without responsibility
We destroyed our lives
With our friendship
But I regret nothing of what we did
You can go where you want if you believe in it
Every thought, every dream, every heartbeat
Will echo so much louder in a dead town

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16. Mamamoo – Recipe (나만의) [MV]

Well, it’s no secret that I’ve become Mamamoo trash. As a matter of fact, I had found the perfect loophole to include other songs in this list, and I really struggled to pick this one because Decalcomanie [MV] is so freaking good, and Never Letting Go (aka. Tears) is Moomoo life. BUT (!) Recipe is just so Mamamoo! There’s the fun vibe, it’s chill since it’s basically an impromptu song about what to make for lunch and how to cook it—

Credits on the album notes say it was composed by Papa radish Kim Do Hoon and Park Woo-sang, alongside Solar and Moonbyul (who does a lot of writing for their albums); with lyrics by everyone (except Whee-in). It’s a song that’s perfect whenever there’s cooking involved~ Mamamoo casually dropped the track on an episode of Showtime, and Whee-in totally started singing it during the recent VLive Mukbank she did.

You can check the color coded lyrics either via video or text.

15. yahyel – Once

Finding yahyel while browsing music communities in the middle of the night is one of the reasons the internet has been such an amazing tool for music lovers.

14. Beyoncé featuring the Dixie Chicks – Daddy Lessons

You see what I meant when I felt bad about weighing Solange and Beyonce [1]? I knew for sure that I was going to add a Beyonce song here, I just didn’t know which one and where it would place. Well, after the live performance at this year’s CMA Awards [clip which is not available officially, but you can look it up], this shot right up.

13. GaIn (가인) & MinSeo (민서) – The Sound of You Coming (임이 오는 소리, Imi Oneun Sori)

The Handmaiden is my favorite movie so far this year, and GaIn’s theme with MinSeo is just such a perfect reflection of the feel of the film. I wonder why they decided to keep the name as “Imi Oneun Sori” instead of an English translation… maybe it was too suggestive for the dirty minded~


Holding onto blue dreams, holding onto happiness
My heart that is waiting is blooming
Hurry and come, I’ve been waiting
Let’s dream a happy dream, just like long ago

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12. Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) featuring Shiina Ringo (椎名林檎) – Nijikan Dake no Vacance (二時間だけのバカンス) [MV]

11. Ivana Wong (王菀之) – Damn Happy (該死的快樂, Goi Sei Dik Faai Lok) [MV]

Cantonese represent! xD


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