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Ivana Wong – Damn Happy + Zhi Hu Zhe Ye

Cantopop singer-songwriter Ivana Wong has just released her most recent song titled Damn Happy (該死的快樂, Goi Sei Dik Faai Lok) and the theme song for Johnnie To’s Three (三人行), titled Zhi Hu Zhe Ye (之乎者也).


Denise Ho – Infatuation

The second version of Denise Ho’s latest single titled Infatuation (癡情司) is a simple yet beautifully shot piece featuring Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Denise Ho from their chests up nude against an ominous black backdrop, as director Yan Yan Mak tells her story.


Joey Yung – Wallpaper MV

Joey Yung’s third single comes with Wallpaper (牆紙) written by Yung’s good pal Wyman Wong, with music composed by another bright Hong Kong talent Khalil Fong.