Yelle – Safari Disco Club

Release date: March 29, 2011
Label: Barclay


  1. Safari Disco Club
  2. Que Veux Tu
  3. C’est Pas Une Vie
  4. Comme Un Enfante
  5. Chimie Physique
  6. La Musique
  7. Mon Pays
  8. J’ai Bu
  9. Le Grand Saut
  10. Unillusion
  11. S’eteint Le Soleil

Safari Disco Club isn’t as exciting or dance worthy as Yelle’s previous works. Pop Up was much more exciting than this album. Most of the songs feel drawn out and quickly make you lose interest. The best song in the album is Safari Disco Club and then the rest feels pretty bland.

Que Veux Tu and Comme Un Enfant are pretty catchy too. But from there on I can’t say much. Most of the songs seem to blend into one another. I even felt like skipping most of them. Unfortunate, since I couldn’t stop listening to Pop Up.

The only redeeming quality is that it could still be good background music for movies or fashion stores. Other than that, not an album I would listen to over and over. If you’ve never listened to Yelle, go listen to her previous work. This one won’t impress you much.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

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A Caribbean Islander who wants to fly. Criminal Justice graduate with a lot to say about social injustice. An eternal scholar. I want to know everything. I blame Disney for making me a total dreamer. My head is mostly in the clouds and I have background music in real life.

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  1. amy says:

    I remember listening to Pop Up and not really digging it much. I had my French electropop phase about a year and a bit ago. I gave up xD

    Electropop is a tricky genre now, there should be a fine line between sounding unique… and like everyone else. Who are your fave electropop acts?

    • ROXY says:

      @amy, It’s true. There’s a very fine line between sounding unique and being like every other electropop. They all want to be the edgiest and the most “retro”.

      Right now my favorite is Capsule. They make quality electronic music and the vocals are svery attractive. They’re slick. Which I find to be more important than being “edgy”. Plus everything in the radio now-a-days has electronic element to it. LMFAO, FarEastMovement, The Cataracts, Lady Gaga!! The yonder day pop stars like Britney and Pink are now doing it electro. It’s more like a fad. Not everyone does it right :/

      I also like Immi and the Ting Tings. There’s a Brazilian group that’s pretty good too Cansei de Ser Sexy. Came across them looking for music for my shortfilm ;P

      • amy says:

        @ROXY, yeah. Dance pop is sounding pretty electro lately xD – I was with you on the Ting Tings and CSS ;D but I gotta be honest… I was in love with the Ting Ting’s debut, but for some reason, I got tired of it. Kind of the same with CSS, but I still listen to Alala or Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above xD

        I entered a video of Alcohol for their MV contest on the now defunct QOOB.

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