Debbie Hsiao – I Love You

Indie Taiwanese singer songwriter Debbie Hsiao (蕭賀碩) is about to release her newest EP titled Good Night, I Love You — two years after the release of Stay under Asia Muse Entertainment.

Hsiao began her career in 2007 with the Warner release of her album Shuo’s Map, and in 2008 received the Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist. It seems like Hsiao has composed material for the likes of Stefanie Sun, Sammi Cheng, and Miriam Yeung.

Though the EP will only contain two songs, the first single, titled I Love You, is a simple ballad that starts with a beautiful guitar melody and is accompanied by Hsiao’s vocals that are full of emotions.

The other song, Bayu-bai (Good Night), is a cover of a 1960s Russian lullaby that brings memories of bedtime on television. You can pre-order the EP through

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