Dresden Music Festival 2011: Rain & Jan Vogler

(Credit: Oliver Killig)

When the word that Bi Rain — one, if not the biggest, Kpop acts of today — was coming to Dresden for a concert, I pretty much laughed at the idea. Why was one of Kpop’s finest coming to Dresden of all places? Imagine my shock when I received the link to buy tickets, and I was directed to a classical music festival.

Who was Jan Vogler, and how was Rain going to perform with a cello player? Why was Rain going to perform with a cello player? What was this collaboration all about?

The questions were many, and the answers way too few. It wasn’t until my interview with Jan Vogler that I got to find out what it was all about. A collaboration between two music artist that happened to like each other’s craft. Although Vogler told me what to expect, nothing could really prepare me for the event. I still find it a very weird combination, albeit a very ambitious and interesting one.

It was through this partnership that I found out more about Vogler. I am not a newcomer to classical music, but I did not know of him. I know now that he is one amazing cello player, though the cello is not one of my favorite instruments — I’m more of a violin lover. Yet, the way Vogler performs Yes, I will be listening to more of him.

On that note, I must confess: I’m not a huge fan of Bi Rain.
I do know of his popularity and importance in the Kpop scene, but it wasn’t until his latest mini album — Back to the Basic — that I started to really pay attention to him. I was still not a fan, but I was not to pass the opportunity to see him live.


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  1. Lars says:

    I like the comparing with Mozart, a true pop star back in his days.

  1. May 28, 2011

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