Triad (2012) Zaat Zik Trailer with English Subtitles

The trailer for director Daniel Yee Heng Chan’s Triad (紮職) — not to be confused or related to Johnnie To’s Election or Triad Election films — has been released, with English subtitles to boot!

The film follows three childhood friends who join the organized gang to discover fame and fortune, only to test their friendship as only one can become the leader of the Triad.

The film stars Patrick Tam, William Chan, Derek Tsang, Michelle Wai, Irene Wan, and Edward Tsui, and will open in Hong Kong on November 15th this year with a Category III rating, meaning it’s restricted for people under the age of 18.

According to director Daniel Chan:

The category III version of the film includes 2 Triad initiation scenes that has never been shot on film before, one shows the ranks of a Triad gang, the other is the first ever female Triad member initiation scene… Not to mention all the cursing, all the blood and more Triad slang used than both Election films combined… So foreign buyers and distributors, please ask for the Cat III version…

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