Sodagreen – After Saying Goodbye

I gotta admit Sodagreen is catching me at a specially emotional time.

Early in the year, the group released the single for When I Was Little (小时候) [video], which Tsing-Fong had written about his relationship with his father right after rekindling it and visiting him in the hospital [1][2]. I’d always been grateful that I had a close relationship with my parents, specially with my father whom I shared a lot with.

Two weeks ago that all changed. In less than a week, he was gone. Left me with the reassuring words that he had led a good life and that he was happy. He let go because he wanted to go. I can’t begrudge him doing so as anyone would be so lucky to leave this place with the peace of mind that he had. However, my inability to mourn him in public has rendered me pure mush.

I just teared up in a movie I thought was pretty bad, and I started sobbing when I watched the video for After Saying Goodbye (說了再見以後). The title alone gave me pause — I didn’t want to watch the video because I knew how affected I could get. It’s the part when the red leaves silhouette of a man falls apart with Tsing-Fong that did it.

I’m blaming COSMOS for directing this one.

This track is also included in Sodagreen’s latest album Autumn: Stories (秋:故事).

I guess this is why I love music in Mandarin.


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