S.H.E – Heart Is Still Warm

Ah huh… I guess HIM isn’t uploading any more S.H.E music videos on their account, so I missed this one entirely after passing on their “real” comeback music video for Flowers Have Blossomed Again (花又開好了) [MV], which was directed by BOUNCE. But I felt sooooo disappointed with it on all fronts. Music was all bad Europop, while video looked extra cheap with the awkward walking and the interpretative dancing.

Heart Is Still Warm (心還是熱的), despite its pure cheese title, is a better comeback concept overall. Teaming up once again with lyricist Yao Ruo Long, playing with both of their strengths. The music video, directed by Rong-ji Chang (Touch of the Light [1]), which is surprisingly budget but good-looking and playing with sentiments — cue women and possibly S.H.E fans’ feelings — and showcasing some old school S.H.E music videos of yore. It really makes you remember that Selina and Ella are both married now, in contrast especially to short-haired Ella.

It even has footage of their Golden Melody Awards comeback presentation [1], which I felt was a little out of place, considering how they included the other videos into the narrative of the video.

I do not dare listen to the whole album… yet. I’ve never been able to take a WHOLE S.H.E album. Believe me, I’ve tried.


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  1. March 5, 2014

    […] In Don’t Say Goodbye they kind of follow the theme of their single Heart Is Still Warm [MV], being the best possible pals that they are, celebrating being able to be […]

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