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Laure Shang – The Star MV

Laure Shang has released a music video for the song The Star (小星星, Xiao Xing Xing) directed by directors collective YAMANYAMO, composed by Belgian Jean Francois Maljean and written by super popular lyricist Yao Ruo Long.


S.H.E – Heart Is Still Warm

Taiwanese trio S.H.E is back with their 13th studio album, after their absence since 2010, with a music video for Heart Is Still Warm (心還是熱的), directed by Rong-ji Chang (張榮吉), who directed this year’s Taiwanese film Touch of Light (逆光飛翔).


Yoga Lin – Romeo and Juliet Syndrome

Taiwanese musician, winner of the One Million Star Season 1 music contest, Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) has released the fourth single from his fourth album Fiction (大小說家), which was released on June 22nd.


JJ Lin – Never Learn

Singaporean singer composer JJ Lin (林俊傑) releases the first single from his very much anticipated 9th album, Lost N Found (學不會).


Bibi Zhou – Black.Choice.White

The sound in Black.Choice.White marks a distinct path for Bibi, broadening her vocal range but still keeping a cohesive feel that makes it her most complete album since her NOW/WOW days.


Bibi Zhou – Lip Sync

Directed by Kuang Sheng, Bibi Zhou’s second single Lip Sync (对嘴) from her upcoming studio album Dark.Select.Clear (黑・擇・明) was written by Yao Ruo Long.


Dream Girls – Tears Should Also Be Beautiful

Dream Girls’ second single titled Tears Should Also Be Beautiful (流淚也要美), written by famous Taiwanese songwriter Yao Ruo Long (姚若龍), is directed by Taiwanese music video director Yingzhi Chen (陳映之), a.k.a. COSMOS.


YAM – Issue 011

We’ve got our very first exclusive! I got a chance to chat with Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee Diane Warren. We are also covering a bit on the Lima Film Festival, which just wrapped up their 14th edition. Plus reviews for some of the very best of the blockbuster season in America… and a surprise review for Aftershocks.