S.H.E – Don’t Say Goodbye

S.H.E welcomes the new year with a brand new music video for their fifth single, Don’t Say Goodbye (不說再見), right after the release of Girl-like Women (像女孩的女人) [MV] back in November. In Don’t Say Goodbye they kind of follow the theme of their single Heart Is Still Warm [MV], being the best possible pals that they are, celebrating being able to be together.

The song was written and composed by them (I’m not sure if this is a first), and has simple language of common things friends do together, talking about their dreams, achievements and how much they’ve missed each other over coffee.

The look in our eyes will not change.
It turns out we’ve missed each other so much.
We won’t say goodbye today; I won’t give you the chance to go back on your word.
Even if we’re separated very far, love will always connect us.

You can check the lyrics at Chinese Music and Lyrics.

I’m unsure about who directed the music video. It seems one of the countless minimalist sets I’ve seen on MVs. I might have seen Zhong Ping Huang using that set before, but I could be wrong. In any case, the music video is all about fuzzy and cuddly feelings between these three young women who’ve been friends for over a decade and have gone through so much together [1].

Also… who IS doing Ella’s hair??? Because it looks as fantastic as it’s ever been.


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