LaLa Hsu – Color Palette

LaLa Hsu recently released her third studio album titled Ideal Life (理想人生).

She’s released a couple music videos to promote it, including Not Difficult (不難) [MV] and Dare You (你敢不敢) [MV]. This third single, titled Color Palette (調色盤), is the main theme for a Taiwanese film called Touch of the Light (逆光飛翔) [Trailer], starring Sandrine Pinna (a.k.a. Chang Yung Yung).

The film will tell the story of a blind man with a passion for the piano, and a dancer that must face the harsh reality. ~ I’m guessing she’s been told she doesn’t have the same passion…

I just find it really interesting that Chang Yung Yung is back in my entertainment life the week I talk about my Top20 to Watch.

Touch of the Light will be screening at this year’s Taipei Film Festival running from June 29th to July 21st. For more information head over to their website.


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