Release date: February 25, 2011
Label: Avex Taiwan


  1. Bomb Bomb Bomb
  2. 玩夠沒 (Haven’t Had Enough)
  3. Stay
  4. 超級愛人 (Super Lover) [MV]
  5. 鋼鐵人 (Iron Man) [MV]
  6. 換我保護妳 (For me to Protect You)
  7. 第一者 (The First)

MISSTER — or 特先生 (Te Xian Sheng) — are an interesting idol experiment. It’s taken five girls to form a girl group in the vein of a boy band. They look and act more like the BackStreet Boys than the Spice Girls, and they sound pretty much like any boy band, deep voice range and all. MISSTER even debuted with a Mandarin version of Bomb Bomb Bomb, a Korean pop song by boy band SHU-I.

It is no surprise that Taiwan is probably one of the first (if not the first) country to launch a “boiband,” considering the Asian region is known for its delicate-looking men, and other gender-bending ideas… to Western perspective.

In this self-titled debut album, MISSTER is trying to showcase what they can do. As an idea, they are different in the market, but they fail to distinguish themselves creatively, sounding like any other Asian boy band — heavily-filtered vocals in the dance numbers, and average range in their ballads.

The pop dance Bomb Bomb Bomb is followed by another fast track with heavy beats and overly produced dance pop tune Haven’t Had Enough — referring to not having enough fun. Besides the dance tracks in it, the album shifts gears with ballads like Iron Man, For me to Protect You — interestingly, the title is written with the feminine character for “you,” — and Stay, a pop ballad with simple instrumentalization and a bit of guitar strumming.

Super Lover is a heavily auto-tuned dance club friendly track — with the hook, “I will always be your super lover, I’m you super lover, super, super lover” — though I’m not sure if there’s another singer credited since there’s a very feminine voice featured in it.

The album finally closes with Di Yi Zhe (I’m not sure whether the translation is right), probably the simplest pop track on the album that goes with a short almost vocal only rap verse.

Highlights? Iron Man, Di Yi Zhe

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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14 Responses

  1. julili says:

    As long as they give me fanservice… I will jam along.
    And if they are following the “Kpop guide to fame”, the second album is going to be off the hook!

    • amy says:

      @julili, fanservice makes idols not albums. As long as they don’t mind music opinions… after all, if they play it right, I think they can be pretty big.

      Having said that, I think they need a lot of practice in terms of performance. But in their interviews, they seem like huge dorks… funny. Especially the one that does all the hand gestures. A.D.D I tell you.

      They’re a little boring in terms of music. They should get the one that wrote/produced Jing Chang’s Loyalty (aka, Always Here for You).

      • julili says:

        @amy, That’s the thing, sometimes it’s better to become idols and land your self a spot on the business, then you have time to make the good music. Sometimes it’s the other way around.

        I would love to know how they are being talked about in the media!

  2. julili says:

    Oh an by the way, this is not an album. It’s borderline mini-album/full-album!
    Looool so Kpop style!

  3. Jenna says:

    I want to hear it. :(

  4. Dani says:

    “though I’m not sure if there’s another singer credited since there’s a very feminine voice featured in it.”

    lol well they are females so it could be one of them :P

    • ghost says:

      @Dani, I think – if not mistaken – the female voice must be Milk’s. Yeah, one of them calls herself Milk… I think she’s the one with the blond hair.

      All of them seemed to have deep lower voices in their interviews though, that’s why I made the comment.

  5. looboo says:

    it’s chiao (zhe qiao) with the higher register. the blond. milk raps, she’s the one with the blue streak.

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