Amy’s Blast from the Past: I Just Love You, You Are my Supertar~

Welcome to a new seldom edition of Amy’s Blast from the Past!

Though this week’s clip isn’t really far enough into the past to be a blast. It turns out that Taiwanese girl trio S.H.E just celebrated 11 years of their coming together. On the fatidic date of September 11th 2001, when the world was in a somber mood (and I was losing a whole day of classes), three girls came together and became friends forever and always.

I have a bumpy ride with the group. I don’t really like their music, I don’t really think they excel at singing or dancing, though I have already admitted my liking for Hebe’s musical career [1]. I have, however, taken a liking to the group over the past year or two. As you may be able to see from this Golden Melody Awards performance, their voices aren’t perfect, the staging isn’t tight. To top it all off, the Golden Melody camera work doesn’t do anyone any good.

So what is it about them?

You see, the girls got together for a true comeback performance. Unlike the wishy-washy term the Kpop music industry likes to use every time one of their music acts (*cough* or any of their several idol groups) reappears after a mere four months away from stages. S.H.E have undoubtedly earn their comeback  tag due to the groups several solo activities, and most importantly for Selina’s recovery after the explosion accident.

Even if you don’t like S.H.E, I think it’s commendable.

It also helps that whenever any of these girls — no, wait, women — are around, things are automatically positive. In a world so full of negativity, their careers have been founded on the grounds of their friendship, and that friendship is what holds the concept of S.H.E together. Never a rumor of bad behavior, never one of rivalry among three girls, never one putting themselves above the others… and whenever there’s a solo project around, always two to support the other one.

Despite not being the embodiment of what we may think Girl Power is, S.H.E may be the girl group to be just that.

Happy 11th anniversary, girls.


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  1. ghost says:

    For someone that doesn’t “like” the group, you talk an awful lot bout them.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, I think it’s a “studying Mandarin” thing. It’s a way to practice simple lyrics. After all, I did practice my English with the likes of Britney, Backstreet Boys and all sorts of pop music acts. Learning language is all about soft power. xD

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