Chang Shilei – Niu China

Release date: August 8, 2009
Label: Forward Leap Music (风向乐动)


  1. 听妈妈讲那过去的事情 (Listen to Mom Talk About Things of the Past)
  2. 洪湖水 浪打浪 (Endless Waves in Honghu Lake)
  3. 在那遥远的地方 (In that Distant Place)
  4. 我爱你塞北的雪 (I Love You, Saibei Snow)
  5. 我和你 (You and Me) featuring 袁娅维 Tia (Yuan Yawei)
  6. 茉莉花 (Jasmine)
  7. 我爱你中国 (I Love You, China)
  8. 花儿为什么这样红 (Why Are the Flowers This Red?)
  9. 小河淌水 (River Flows) featuring 袁娅维 Tia (Yuan Yawei)
  10. 国家 (Nation)

Just as its name in English states, Niu China is the album to showcase what’s new in the Chinese music world.

The content on the album goes from traditional sounding Chinese ballads dealing with listening to your mother talking about the old times, to chanson francophone fused with electronic, R&B, Bossa Nova, to a Tango-ish sounding track, all the way to a mind-blowing fusion of Beijing opera with strong rock/electronic sounds.

The Chinese name is Niu! China! Post-80’s Red Classics (80后的红色经典), but lucky for you, you probably don’t know what you’re listening to, in case you’re the “all communist stuff is evil” type of person. Plus, there’s also the rendition of the Beijing Olympics’ theme, You and Me.

Highlights: Endless Waves in Honghu Lake, In that Distant Place, I Love You Saibei Snow, and Why Are the Flowers This Red?

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. July 29, 2012

    […] song is no Beijing Welcomes You, though. And I love some of Chang Shilei’s stuff. His 2008 Niu China album was my favorite that year, and he does produce some great songs like I Would Say to […]

  2. January 28, 2014

    […] was blown away when I listened to his album, Niu China (80后的红色经典), which was a compilation of modern rearrangements of post-80′s Red […]

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