Yuguo – Those Words I Want to Say to You

Release date: May 22, 2010


  1. Intro 相遇 (The Meeting)
  2. 跳完这支舞吧,我的恋人 (Dance Through the Week, My Love)
  3. 当爱情照进现实 (When Love Shines into Reality)
  4. 白日梦也很快乐 (Daydream is Also Happiness)
  5. 谢谢你曾为我来过这世界上 (Thank You, Who Has Been to this World)
  6. 顺其自然 (Let it Be)

Shanghai indie rock band Yuguo releases their EP titled Those Words I Want to Say to You (那些我想对你说的话) after a visit to Spain, and you can certainly feel the influences. In here, Yuguo sounds a little Sting on Shape of my Heart, but they still keep their characteristic sound, something they’ve managed to keep throughout their changing sound on their studio albums.

From the get-go, with da-bi-das that get you to swing from side to side, they tell a story in just six tracks. Starting with The Meeting intro, followed by Dance Through the Week, My Love, and complimenting the love story with When Loves Shines into Reality and Daydream is Also Happiness. The story gets a sudden sad tone in Thank You, Who Has Been to this World, and ends with Let it Be. That’s masterful album-making right there.

The best track? Dance through the Week, My Love (Tiao Wan Zhe Zhi Wu Ba, Wo de Lian Ren)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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