Pedro Suárez-Vértiz La Banda – Siempre Aquí en mi Piel (Lyric Video)

I’ll admit to giving Pedro Suárez-Vértiz’s Facebook page a Like, but I skim nearly everything he posts. If I had read his posts for at least 1 month ago, then him releasing a brand new single would have been less shocking to me. Still, it was totally unexpected to see him of all people come out with a new song (sort of) in the form of Siempre Aquí en mi Piel.

Anyway, the lyric video shows the members of the PSV band playing the tune in a rehearsal room, but Pedro himself is absent from the music video. However, his voice can actually be heard in the song.

The song was part of the recordings Pedro did between 2009 and 2011, but never saw the light due to his neuro-muscular disease that made him retire from performing live. Thanks to current technology, editing and other arrangements, nostaglia-ridden Peruvians can listen to (and enjoy) PSV once again. Personally, it sounds on par with some of his previous hits and it feels like he never left.

I don’t know when or if the unreleased material will translate to a new PSV album. In the meantime, you can go see the PSV band perform the new song live.


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