Laura Pausini featuring Official Fan Club Members – Per la Musica / Es la Música

Italian singer-songwriter, Laura Pausini, has continued promoting her most recent studio album, Simili / Similares, and the Simili World Tour, which took her through several countries of Latin American, the United States, and several other European countries.

Per la Musica and its Spanish version titled Es la Música is a special song Pausini wrote with Niccolò Agliardi, that she’s performing with a group chosen from her official fan club members across the globe. The symphonic pop rock tune composed by Paolo Carta showcases a music video, directed by Leandro Manuel Emede and Nicolò Cerioni of SUGARKANE Productions, features the lucky fans performing and using their backing vocals in places from their cities.

Here’s the Spanish version:

Lead vocal: Laura Pausini (from Italy)
Bass: Sebastian Alexis Sade (from Chile)
Drums: Chai Clark (from England), Felipe Leon (from Colombia)
Piano and keyboars: Carlos Alberto Machado Rufino (from Brazil)
Acoustic guitar: Claudia Castellamo Jimenez (from Mexico) + Elisabeth Vaz da Cunha (from Brazil) + Ophelie Milliet (from France)
Electric guitar: Corina Michelle Arteaga Ponce (from Ecuador)
Pipe organ: Matteo Caradossi + Gabriele Giunchi (from Italy)
Percussion: Nadja Milosavljevic + Petar Blagojevic + Dusan Paunkovic (from Serbia)
Backing vocals: Christina Bungert (from Germany) + Oksana Milles (from Russia) + Jessica Grant (from US) + Jiro Kasano (from Japan) + Zachary Maclellan (from Canada) + Mamie Sanyang + Isatou Minteh + Binta Jaiteh + Mbogeh Njie + Ida Nyass (from Gambia) + Berthe Barnhoorn, Tessa Isendijk, Daniela Caris, Susanne Vogels, Lies Merkensteijn (from Holland) + Cristina Musconi, Erika Ricciardelli, Elisa Padovani, Marco Martelli and Marco Mastrapasqua “il maestro di acquagym” (from Italy)
Recorded around the world by themselves

You can get both Italian and Spanish versions of the album on iTunes [1][2].

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  1. Jorge says:

    Laura I have always been a fan of yours. The first concert you held in ft lauderdale 20 years ago I was there your mom and dad wher two. I am going to your concert in Miami . I want to sign or at least take a pic. Every song you sing I know the words including ( y mi Banda to a rock ). When you sang (el otro lado del corazon at the grand slam Latino ) I was there . Last concert I went to you called someone to sign with you I would love to . Simple name Clark . Love you . God bless . Thank you for your music . Que dios te quide . No pares nunca de cantar .

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