Waa Wei – I Will Be Fine

Waa continues promoting her most recent album Run! Frantic Flowers! (末路狂花) with the release of the funky and colorful I Will Be Fine, in charge of Birdy Nio (邱柏昶) [Vimeo][YouTube]. This is also one of the rare times when one of Waa’s songs is translated to English, even though it’s tiny at the bottom.

Lyrics: Waa Wei (魏如萱)
Composer: Waa Wei (魏如萱)
Producer: George Chen (陳建騏)
Vocal Producer: Waa Wei (魏如萱)
Arranger: Shao Yon Huang (黃少雍)
Guitar: Likang Han (韓立康)
Bass: Audi Lin (林奧迪)
Drums: Peter Lai (賴聖文)
Chorus Arranger: Shuo Hsiao (蕭賀碩)
Chorus: Waa Wei (魏如萱) / Shuo Hsiao (蕭賀碩)
Brass Arranger: Robin Teng (鄧亦峻)
Trombone: Robin Teng (鄧亦峻)
Trumpet: Banana Chang (張家豪)
Recording Engineer: Yi-Lin Chen (陳以霖) / Zen Chien (錢煒安)
Recording Studio: Twin Eyes Studio (大小眼錄音室) / 112F Recording Studio
Mixing Engineer: Chinshen Huang (黃欽勝)
Mixing Studio: Mega Force Studio (強力錄音室)

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