Mayday – Embrace 2014 MV

Back in the late 90s, Mayday released the song Embrace (擁抱, Yong Bao) in the band’s self-titled debut (五月天第一張創作專輯). The song was eventually used in the 2006 Taiwanese film Eternal Summer, and was recently re-arranged to be included in the band’s The Best Of 1999-2013 (步步自選作品輯) compilation.

This is the first time the song has been launched as a single with a music video, directed by Chen Hung-yi showcasing the band and a very varied group of people ranging from a family, same-sex lovers, an elderly couple, a group of friends, a lonely girl, a courageous transgender person begin running a marathon for their loved ones.

Here are the translated lyrics of the song:

Take off the long day’s mask, race toward the boundaries of fantasy
The pumpkin coach at midnight, put on the glass slippers of fairy tales
Let me enjoy this feeling, I’m a proud and lonely rose
Let me taste this flavor, what the chaotic world doesn’t understand
Yesterday is too close, tomorrow is too far, silently, reverently listening to the black night
The night wind kisses all the lotus blossom leaves, letting me fall, intoxicated, beside the pond
Waiting for you to see my beauty clearly, the moonlight dries all tears away
That one person… love me, take my hand… hold it tightly
Hold me close, kiss me, oh, love, don’t go

Concealing my own exhaustion, expressing my own awkwardness,
Releasing my own wildness, searching for my own tomorrow
I request from you a promise, even if you lie to me,
I need the consolation of love, even if that love like water might wash away


— JUNE 16th, 2014 UPDATE —

A Director’s Cut of the MV has been published.

— AUGUST 15th, 2014 UPDATE —

The band has just released the music video for the Japanese version of the song titled Dakishimete (抱きしめて, which also means Embrace), which is included in the band’s release of Do You Ever Shine [MV] as a Single/DVD. The release will also include the Japanese version of OAOA, DNA, and Noah’s Ark (諾亞方舟), plus a documentary of the band in Japan.

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