Mayday – You’re the One MV

One of our favorite Taiwanese bands, the old dudes from Mayday, have released a brand new music video titled You’re the One (你是唯一, full title You’re the One and Only), which is pure modern Wu Yue Tian emotional crescendo– it feels like like OAOA [MV] — an extract of their 2013 compilation The Best of 1999-2013. The band had been promoting their music in Japan [1], released a Beijing concert Bluray and re-released new versions of some of their older classics [1].

The music video showing the relationship between a little girl and her father was directed by Rui Men (瑞門), whom I suppose is from Sweetliver Studio because that’s the only reference I could find. Still, cookies for Taiwan and director credits.

You can also support the band with an iTunes buy.

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  1. June 18, 2015

    […] The first one to go is Chinese (and now Vancouver-based) singer Qu Wanting (曲婉婷) with her cover of There Is a Kind of Life (生命有一种绝对), a single from their first compilation We Are Mayday (我們是五月天), in a black and white video shot by Raymond Lin (瑞門), who had previous shot Mayday’s You’re the One [MV]. […]

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